Ornamental Ceiling Restoration

In Amsterdam you can find a lot of old houses with ornamental ceilings. These ceilings do need maintenance. You can not confide that they stay forever in good shape.

From 1870

Ceilings from the period 1870  – 1900  often suffer from the same problems. We specially mention Amsterdam-Zuid en De Pijp. Because these ceilings are now more than 100 years old, you find cracks in the ornamental ceiling. The underlying problem is often a constuction problem. Especially if the neighbours start renovating or if you have large building projects is the area, you need to pay attention. Look carefully up and check you ceiling! If you find to many cracks in your ceiling, this is not good. And you have to take action.

Appointment in Amsterdam

If you want us to check your onamental ceiling,  feel free to make an appointment. Phone us 06-

ornamental plaster ceilings herstel en restauratie ornamentenplafond

Maintain your ornamental ceiling!

Repair of ornamental ceilings is often possible. Phone us, we are happy to inform you and explain what your options are.

ornamenten plafond restaureren

These photos show how we bring the ceiling back up and secure the construction. This is a temporary solution. The danger of falling down is now gone.  It gives the owner time to take action and repair his ceiling.

But if you wait to long, the cracks will get bigger. The construction is under pressure and a part of the ceiling can fall down.

ornamenten restauratie amsterdam ornamental ceiling needs repair

This happened in the above situation. We first secured the ceiling and then started the repair work. This included also bringing back the missing parts.

Facade ornaments

Nestled in upcoming area Amsterdam Noord Ornamenten Restauratie Amsterdam (Ornaments Restoration) is an unique specialised building company. Because of the specialization in restoring facade ornaments and decorative elements. And unique because of the knowledge of old techniques and craftmanship.

restoration facade ornaments

Its owner, dhr Ignatius Christian, does believe that the heritage of the Amsterdam historical city is worth maintaining and preserving.  Bringing back the beauty of historical buildings with love and craftmanship is our work and our passion. If you have any questions in  restoring facade ornaments or historic ornamental plaster ceilings, we are very willing to help you.

Repair and restoration of ornamental plaster ceiling: Phone: +31 20  66 46 046.

ornamental ceiling amsterdam